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Save Time & Money By Knowing What The Bank Will Let You Buy. Obtain Financing BEFORE You Shop!

The vast majority of Car Buyer’s today go about the process entirely wrong, putting themselves at an overwhelming disadvantage!

Let’s look at this from the Dealers perspective for a moment. If you were the Dealer and had multiple offers on your vehicle, all things being equal, would you accept the one with Pre-Approved Financing or the one that was still conditional on Financing? The answer is obvious. Why then, do so many car buyers wait to start the financing until after they have found the vehicle?

What I have found is that those buyers are usually very good, qualified buyers and are not worried about getting approved. Even though they usually are correct and will ultimately be approved, the Dealer in most cases has no guarantees.

Lastly, from a cost savings perspective…

As a prospective car buyer, it makes all the more sense to start the financing process early on so you can get a firm handle how much money the bank will let you borrow. If you do this before car shopping, you are less likely to waste valuable time searching for over priced vehicles that the bank won’t let you buy.

Should you decide that you wish to take advantage of our Easy, No-Obligation Pre-Approval Process, simply complete the attached confidential auto loan application. We will process your application without any cost or obligation.

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